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"Not your run of the mill business? Well I'm not your run of the mill bookkeeper either - I am a new breed, a personable, cloud based, paperless, innovative, anywhere and everywhere type of bookkeeper..."

Meet the Director


A Queenstown girl with an International outlook.

I wasn’t the first, and I certainly won’t be the last! Just as many have done before me, my 6 months in Queenstown in 2013 turned into a stubborn refusal to leave, and here I am, many years later striving to continuously make the most of the local environment.

With an exceedingly varied background in bookkeeping and office management, I can adapt and draw on my experience from industries such as construction, hospitality, real estate, beauty & software development to name a few! I pride myself on a personable & professional approach.

I have always been intrigued by business and the difference between a successful, smooth operation and a stressful, cash flow and time-poor company. 

I have learned that it relies on having good systems and procedures in place, along with solid foundations of culture and leadership. The bookkeeping and administration functions of a business are paramount to its success. Using accurate and timely information, we work with you to ensure a strong cash flow and absolute compliance with the IRD. 

I work hard to establish a great understanding of your business and your goals and help you attain the desired success through improved systemisation and efficiencies. I love seeing how my work makes an impact on small business owners and I thrive off the success of my clients.


Meet Our Bookkeeper


Accounting Technician

Based in The Philippines, Ria is a certified accounting technician with over 9 years of experience within the bookkeeping industry. She specialises in streamlining accounts and loves the methodology of what she does. With a high level of flexibility and adaptability Ria prides herself on her analytical and problem-solving skills. 

When asked what she likes most about her work, she replied “I love working with different types of businesses with variable needs. Handling multiple accounts is ideal for me as each day brings new tasks and challenges and I get a lot of self-satisfaction from this. I also love learning new softwares and growing my skills”.

Outside of work Ria enjoys travelling and trying out new restaurants with her friends and family.

Business 2022 And Beyond


Whatever comes at us in 2022, it is absolutely pivotal to know exactly where your business stands. While there is a huge amount of uncertainty as we wait for government direction in many areas, when change happens it happens FAST.

In the face of rapid change, businesses must be adaptable and flexible enough to make quick decisions. That means your business needs to be as up-to-date on its financial position as possible. Forget about quarterly forecasts, half-year reconciliations - you need to know your position is up to date at all times. Speed, efficiency, and clear communication are what will make the difference between your business potentially sinking or swimming in 2022.

Embracing Change And New Approaches


Change is scary but also brings opportunity. I stepped away from my job at a traditional accounting firm because the old way of doing things does not provide solutions to overcome the challenges that we now all face.


Running a business was never EASY, but now it is challenging based on so much of the 'unknown' factor. Traditional ideas of what businesses are doing or require are ripe for innovation. If you are a new business, or an established business looking to update, I provide the ability - and professionalism - to match the level that you want to get to. 

If you are looking to move away from a traditional bookkeeper, or if you are starting a new business, Cadence represents a chance to move with the times. We use the latest tools and approaches to streamline your financial process as much as possible, by providing wrap-around services to support your business efforts in the places which count, whether that be in your books or the administration and back end of your business. If you need strategy or marketing expertise, we have partners to connect you with.

Less Clients, Lower Overheads, Better Service.

I have one clear goal - to help you identify and improve the aspects of your business finances and processes so that you can get on with your job - making the money - without wasting time and energy on areas that aren't your specialty.

Cadence is a boutique bookkeeping agency focused on businesses and people that want to make the best use of the tools and assets available and we walk the walk. My client pool is kept small and limited to businesses that want to grow and sustain what they provide. This ensures that I am focused on your business, not on chasing new clients or managing staff. I keep my overheads low, working remotely and from a shared office space when needed so that I can focus on the work, not running an office. 

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Business

In my personal life, I enjoy everything that Queenstown has to offer from the outdoors - mountain biking, trail running, motorbiking, hiking & yoga. I keep my mind and body fit, and I apply that to keep my client’s businesses fit and healthy too.

It’s a brave new world we are walking into - scary, challenging, unsure - but also exciting and full of opportunity with the right mindset. Own your business, don’t let it own you.

Cadence means rhythm - let’s work together to find yours. 

How does your accounting stack up?

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